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SPC school newspapers are the heart and soul of the SPC family. We have spent many years developing and changing the way schools publish newspapers and our ALL DIGITAL production yields tremendous papers in record time.

Whether you're next door or clear across the continent, SPC will deliver your newspaper on time at a price that's within your budget. SPC will give your school a quality paper delivered on time at a price that's within your budget. If this sounds like a strong statement, IT SHOULD!!!! Only the best will do in this family.

Fast Turnaround
We'll ship your paper the same day we receive your files!!

We Won't Be Under Sold!
If you get a lower price form any national competitor, WE'LL BEAT IT - !

Low Prices On Full Color
A tight budget won't stop you from having full color on your paper.

Excellent Customer Service
We're experts on digital layout and photo enhancement. If quality is important to you then you need to join the SPC family.Help is always just a phone call or email away!