Calculating Your Shipping Cost

And Delivery Date

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We will ship your publication via United Parcel Service. UPS has a shipping calculator on their web site that will give you the cost and delivery date for the different shipping services.

Use the form below to calculate the weight of your shipment. The weight will be shown in pounds.

Publication Size:

Paper Stock:

No. Pages:

No. Copies:

Weight (pounds):


The link below will take you to the UPS shipping calculator.

Directions For Completing The UPS Form

Enter 07754 for the Ship From Zip Code.

Enter school ZIP code for Ship To Zip Code.

Click The Update button.

In the “Enter Detail to Show Cost” section, click the OFF button.

Enter the package weight:

Click the Update Button.

The price for the different shipping options and delivery date will be displayed.

Remember ground shipping is included in our prices.