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Shouldn't Your Paper Be Shipped That Same Day?

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What Papers Ship The Same Day?

Tabloid (11 x 17) with page counts that are multiples of 4, if we have your files before 1:00 Eastern time.

What Papers May Not Ship The Same Day?

Papers not printed on newsprint.
Papers with a page count that is not a multiple of 4 and must be collated by SPC.
Papers that must be quarter folded.
Papers that require a proof and the proof is not approved by before the submission times listed above.


If we receive your tabloid newspaper files by 1:00 pm Eastern Time we'll ship your paper that same day if your page count is a multiple of 4

Newsletter size papers are shipped the next business day.

UPS Delivery Days

The chart below will swhow you how many days it will take to shop your paper.

UPS Chart

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