Before You Upload Your Files

File Size Limits...

Our server will accept files up to 130 MB. Your file will not upload if it is larger than 130 MB. Check your file size before proceeding. If you send multiple files the combined file size cannot be more than 130 MB. If your multiple files combine for more than 130 MB simply send them one at a time.

What Papers Ship The Same Day?

Tabloid (11 x 17) with page counts that are multiples of 4, if we have your files before 1:00 Eastern time.

What Papers May Not Ship The Same Day?

Papers not printed on newsprint.
Papers with a page count that is not a multiple of 4 and must be collated by SPC.
Papers that must be quarter folded.
Papers that require a proof and the proof is not approved by before 1:00 Eastern time.

Let's Get Started

If you have read and understand the instructions above, simply click the proper upload link below.
If you do not understand the instructions above, call our office (888) 543-1000 for clarification.

If you'd like to calculate the shipping cost and delivery date for your publication, use SPC's Shipping Calculator.


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